WPP Companies help improve car buying experience for Ford Motor Company.

Lincoln Motor Company

Careful analysis of the Lincoln Motor Company’s digital marketing strategy told marketers that website visitor preferences and behaviors are changing, with many consumers turned off by features they perceive as gimmicky. As the company began to coordinate the launch of reveal sites for the new 2016 Lincoln MKX model, it wanted to provide visitors with a more engaging, relevant, and seamless car buying experience without frustrating buyers with aggressive sales tactics.

Early in the process, it was obvious that personalization was critical to delivering relevant content across audiences. Target customer segments would need to be defined and customized content delivered to them in a deliberate, managed way

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Your Singapore platform - a powerful partnership with Adobe

Singapore Tourism Board

How do you inspire people visit or spend an extra day in an amazing city that is often seen as a business destination or gateway? Tempt them with what they love and make it easy to find it, experience it and share it.

What we love about working with the Adobe Marketing Cloud products is that it makes all of our tasks easier. Content management, personalization, social, campaigns, measurement for insights and peformance - all of these are provided for in an integrated platform.

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